New sex movies industry

A new era fora adult business?

Is it a new era for adult entertainment? We do not think so, because sex movies are an incredible experience for everybody who love sex and porn. First of all we noticed that the quality in sex movies is very high compared to previous years. This situation is certainly better thanks to new companies: Brazzers, Reality Kings and Naughty America.
Indeed the pornstars selection is a very hard work now. This work is not so easy because it requires commitment and so on.
Last week I saw an audition to become pornstar in Reality King’s offices. At any rate the audition was complicated because the man was not able to have sex with two differents babes. Probably he was too shy for this work, even if this is the dream of every man.
Next audition will be in Los Angeles on January 15, 2018 and I will certainly there.
On the other hand, sex movies are incredible with the virtual reality experience. In this case you can see your favourite pornstar in front of you in HD. It is an amazing trying it in London.


What about big adult sites?

There are a lot of big porn sites in internet, anyway I told my colleagues to stay humble considering that it is not easy have sex with a real pornstar.
If you love sex movies you know Brazzers. They are a big company that can satisfy the interests of everyone. Last month I visited their offices and it was wonderful.
In fact a lot of escorts want to be the new star of porn.

For sure the history of sex movies is very long. Initially there was a lot of censored scenes and the cameramen were not professional and too excited. Indeed their goal was have sex with the pornstar together with the actor, but this is not serious.
For this reason I love Naughty America: they choose only the best girls in the USA.
In conclusion enjoy your favourite sex movies!